Screenplay by Steven Gladstone and Joe Randazzo

A sleazy contractor gets his due when he moves into a haunted fixer-upper

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Producer/Director - Steven Gladstone is a director, cinematographer, and producer of narrative films, documentaries and the owner of Gladstone Films, an independent production company. He has been working in the film business since 1989 in the United States and worldwide.
Steven started out by shooting the "It takes two" music video in the dark underbelly of the New York Indy music scene. He was Director of Photography of four feature length films as well as numerous commercials, music videos and short films. He spent 18 months videotaping interviews with Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg's Survivor of the Shoah Foundation.
He has traveled the world as a sound recordist on "The Race to Save the Planet" documentary series. He worked at Broadcast Arts, a commercial animation and effects house, where he was the primary animation camera assistant for the first two Bud Bowl commercials, as well as being the motion graphics cameraman for Broadcast Arts, and Eye Design, before leaving animation for live action.
Steven has a master's degree in communication arts from the New York Institute of Technology, and spent four years teaching editing and production at the Gibbs school in Long Island. He spent two years as the primary D.P. on the Stonestreet studios web series "The 47th Floor." Steven has received the Communicator Award for his P.S.A. - "Save a Tree", and has had a technical article published in "Show Reel" magazine.
Steven's latest screenplay is "Resurrection of Blake House" a haunted house film. Currently he is polishing his Indie Chick Flick feature screenplay "Winter Money."
Steven is the creative force behind the blog Indie Kicker His professional website is: Gladstone Films
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Producer - Adam Cruz began his love affair with the movies at an early age. As a young boy dreaming about the celluloid world, Adam was determined to cultivate, and master his screen writing skills as well as school himself in the art of film making.
Adam's first major entree into the business came in 1988 with an opportunity to work at Broadcast Arts - a New York based commercial/SFX production house. Broadcast Arts was well known for producing a variety of high profile commercials (Bud Light- Super Bowls) and music videos (Madonna's "Who's That Girl") and the first season of the television series "Pee-Wee's Playhouse."
Between 1994 and 1995 Adam was a media teacher for four semesters at the state run institute named Neon, Inc. (a not-for-profit organization). As a teacher he taught his students to study and understand media in all its forms and guided them in producing independent projects by training them in all the aspects of film and video production including editing.
During this time, he also served as the associate producer on "Palante! Siempre, Palante!" a 60 minute documentary centering on the history of the social activists group known as the "Puerto Rican Young Lords."
In 1996 Adam became the assistant to the CFO at Curious Pictures. During his time there he oversaw aspects in both the financial and production divisions of this entertainment/production company, while it produced television commercials and original programming, which have included "Sheep in the Big City", the animated Christmas special "Little Spirit", "A Little Curious" for HBO , "Kids Next Door" for Cartoon Network and "Little Einstein" for the Disney Channel.
Most recently, Adam was part of a team in developing a web-based production accounting software for the entertainment industry. Working closely with teams in Los Angeles and India Adam assisted in the design, testing and implementation of the LAjit software application to a number of production companies.
Adam is currently running his production company Thunder Child Productions, with his business partner Ruth Cruz. Thunder Child currently has a number of projects in development including "Nightingale & Co", "Midnight Waltz" - two features and a sci-fi/western web series entitled "Montana Wilde."
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Productions Manager - Chris Barra can trace the initial spark of his love for the visual arts back to a little camera shop from in his youth in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Visiting his Grandmother who worked there. Working as an EMT, Chris put himself though college where he obtained a B.A. in film production with a minor in art.
Chris got his first job in the industry as a camera operator for a prominent animation house that produced television commercials for clients such as Budweiser, MTV & Kraft foods. He also worked various crew positions while freelancing on music videos, short films and industrial videos, including creating political videos & charity projects with politicians such as David Dinkins, Christie Todd Whitman, Rudolph W. Giuliani & Michael R. Bloomberg, and has served as Associate Producer at Thunder Child Productions on indie film ventures.
Chris then spent many years working for equipment rental houses in New York City, were he regularly advised production companies with his extensive knowledge of lighting and rigging procedures & requirements for major motion picture productions (the Sixth Sense, Signs, I Am Legend) and television series? (Law & Order, Rescue Me, 30 Rock). At that time, as the manager of Xeno Lights, he hosted educational seminars in lighting and grip for film students from Baruch College, CCNY and Brooklyn College.