Screenplay by Steven Gladstone and Joe Randazzo

A sleazy contractor gets his due when he moves into a haunted fixer-upper

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Angela has survived an abusive husband who almost killed her and her son Jack, before she finally stood up to him. However she is trapped in another abusive relationship with JB, a sleazy home improvement contractor. To make matters worse, Jack, who nearly died at the hands of his father appears to be headed down the same path of domestic violence, and has just been kicked out by Cynthia - his now ex-girlfriend.

Jack comes to stay with Angela, and immediately butts heads with JB. Angela convinces JB to take Jack under his wing, and teach him the business so that Jack can stay. However JB's business struggles and violent nature, soon lead to more trouble and Angela worries she may lose everything.

A call from the past comes to Angela's rescue, and she seizes an opportunity to escape from JB. Hiding in a run down boarding house she worked at in her youth, Angela seeks peace. When JB intrudes again, her old friend offers her help of a supernatural kind, and hatches a plan to free Angela from JB forever. But things take a twist when Angela's son arrives at her hideout. Now Angela must protect her son from being caught up in the retribution brought upon JB by the resident of the Haunted House.