Screenplay by Steven Gladstone and Joe Randazzo

A sleazy contractor gets his due when he moves into a haunted fixer-upper

Festival Info

Writer - Steven Gladstone is a director, cinematographer, and producer of narrative films, documentaries and the owner of Gladstone Films, an independent production company. He has been working in the film business since 1989 in the United States and worldwide. Steven started out by shooting the "It takes two" music video in the dark underbelly of the New York Indy music scene. He was Director of Photography of four feature length films as well as numerous commercials, music videos and short films. He spent 18 months videotaping interviews with Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg's Survivor of the Shoah Foundation. He has traveled the world as a sound recordist on "The Race to Save the Planet" documentary series. He worked at Broadcast Arts, a commercial animation and effects house, where he was the primary animation camera assistant for the first two Bud Bowl commercials, as well as being the motion graphics cameraman for Broadcast Arts, and Eye Design, before leaving animation for live action. Steven has a master's degree in communication arts from the New York Institute of Technology, and spent four years teaching editing and production at the Gibbs school in Long Island. He spent two years as the primary D.P. on the Stonestreet studios web series "The 47th Floor." Steven has received the Communicator Award for his P.S.A. - "Save a Tree",
and has had a technical article published in "Show Reel" magazine.
Steven's latest screenplay is "Resurrection of Blake House" a haunted house film. Currently he is polishing his Indie Chick Flick feature screenplay "Winter Money."
Steven is the creative force behind the blog Indie Kicker His professional website is: Gladstone Films
Co-writer - Joe Randazzo is an award-winning independent screenwriter and producer, having won over a dozen screenwriting awards in festivals such as Shriekfest, The Terror Film Festival, Fright Night Film Festival, and was the inaugural winner of the Best Unproduced Screenplay award at the Oklahoma Horror Film Festival (now the Tulsa International Film Festival). His latest screenplay, Ripper, won seven awards in 2010 and was optioned by Vistar Pictures in January of 2011. Joe is also the co-writer on two comedies with Dave Campfield, the short "Caesar & Otto meet Dracula's Lawyer," featuring horror favorites Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon, and the upcoming feature "Deadly XMas," a parody of the 1980s "Santa Slasher" subgenre featuring CKY front man Deron Miller, Felissa Rose (of Sleepaway Camp fame), Lloyd Kaufman, as well as popular scream queens Linnea Quigley, Debbie Rochon, and Brinke Stevens. Joe is also an associate producer on the well-received indie feature "Shadowboxing," featuring David Zayas (Dexter) and Kenny Simmons (Kick Ass). The film has received two Best Feature nominations (Swansea Bay Film Festival and Heart of England Film Festival) and was the 2nd Place Latino Film at the 2010 Indie Gathering. Joe is also featured in Lloyd Kaufman's upcoming documentary, tentatively titled "Produce Your Own Damn Movie!," an executive producer on Troma's upcoming "Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical," and is currently working on several new screenplays.
2010 - Best Screenplay - for "Ripper" - Terror Film Festival
2010 - 2nd Place Screenplay - for "Ripper" - International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival
2010 - 3rd Place Screenplay - for "Ripper" - Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
2010 - Top Ten Screenplay - for "Ripper" - Eerie Horror Film Festival
2010 - Best Screenplay - for "Ripper" - Oklahoma Horror Film Festival
2010 - Best Screenplay - for "Ripper" - Fright Night Film Festival
2010 - 2nd Place Best Latino Film - for "Shadowboxing" - The Indie Gathering
2010 - 2nd Place Best Horror Screenplay - for "Ripper" - The Indie Gathering
2010 - Merit Award - for "Ripper" - Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood
2009 - 1st Place Horror Screenplay - for "The Other Side" - The Indie Gathering
2009 - 2nd Place Horror Screenplay - for "The Crying Woman" (award shared with Michelle Kessner) - The Indie Gathering
2008 - 2nd Place Horror Screenplay - for "Shadows" - The Indie Gathering
2008 - 3rd Place Horror Screenplay - for "AD" - The Indie Gathering
2007 - 1st Place Drama Screenplay - for "The Last Request" - The Indie Gathering
2007 - 4th Place Drama Screenplay - for "Witness" - The Indie Gathering
2007 - Honorable Mention - for the screenplay "The Object of My Obsession" - The Indie Gathering
2007 - Honorable Mention - for the screenplay "Witness" - Twin Rivers Media Festival
2006 - 2nd Place Screenplay - for the screenplay "The Last Request" - Shriekfest International Film Festival